Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Ford Fiesta (2011-?) - It's GREEN!

Price: Reasonable
Power: Enough for its size
Sex Appeal: For the male drivers, ladies will love your cute style.  For the female drivers, men will love your style and fashion.

I first came across this car watching Top Gear UK.  Had I not watched their review of this car I would probably not be so fanatical as I am.  (If you haven't seen it, you can watch it on youtube)  However, having seen that footage and since I am a HUGE fan of ostentatious colors, I think everyone should drive a green Ford Fiesta.  I mean look at it! This thing can be anything you want it to be: cute, cuddly, manly, sexy, feminine, you name it.

I base most of my biased opinions on whether or not I would drive it, and if I were in the market,  I would totally get a greeeen Ford Fiesta.  There is not a crowd this car doesn't appeal to.  It is fuel efficient so the tree hugging fruit cakes should love it, it has sizable interior room and storage capacity so it can easily replace that useless SUV in your driveway, it weighs as much as a fat dog so it should at least be reasonably fun to drive, and did I mention it's green?  You should have no problems smiling like an idiot every time you hop in and zoom off.

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