Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Dodge Charger (2011) - The Big, The Bad, The Ugly

Price: You better be 50cent if you want one that looks halfway decent.
Power: Plenty, but the car weighs as much as the titanic, so you still will get there the same time as a Prius...but with 5000x the gas bill.
Sex Appeal: Definitely sexy, but again at a price too steep to pay.  You also kind of need a fetish for large things if you want to live with the Charger on a day to day basis, because it is a biiiiig car.

The picture for this car is very deceiving.  It looks cool! It is red.  It has shiny rims! It has an air of...menace about it, almost like it is about to growl at you and bite your head off.  Cool, no? Definitely not.  What this picture fails to depict to the viewer is the immense size of this beast.  This car is HUUUUGE! Most people know the old Charger and recognize it as a monstrosity of American engineering.  This car is bigger by several inches and it definitely is noticeable in real life.  Dodge tried to hide the weight gain by putting a Jaguar-esque dimple of plastic all along the side door but it really doesn't do much for this car.

My other huge complaint besides the huge tracts of land that this car inhabits is the price.  American cars are notorious for charging an arm and a leg for every conceivable option.  You want stripes? 1000 bucks. You want rims bigger than tea cup saucers? 5000 bucks.  You want that "special edition" paint job? 3000 bucks.  What starts as a VERY boring and ugly sedan eventually turns into something so sexy any human being would want...for a price.  To put it in perspective, the base price for this car is around 25 thousand dollars.  Not that expensive for a family car that can hold 29.  However, the special edition model that actually looks halfway decent starts at around 45 thousand dollars, before a hefty dealer markup(think on the order of 15 thousand).  What you are left with is a car that costs the same as an Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Porsche, and Lexus that has none of the street cred.

I know that the sexiness and appeal goes beyond the price of a car but this thing really doesn't "do it" for me.  If you put it next to one of the original Dodge Chargers (which I love!), it would be so big that you couldn't find the classic muscle car in its shadow.  This car is simply the result of GM thinking that big cars with really sh*** interiors are what people really want, which is definitely not the case.  If they had just shot this car with a shrink ray, put different plastic on the dashboard than is found on a hair-blow dryer, and charged a decent amount of money, the Charger would be a huge success.  However, they didn't.  Soo...it gets the raspberry.

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