About This Blog

As a whole, I love cars.  However, like anything in life there are distinct aspects about them that I have come to loathe as the years go on.  My reason for starting this blog is to provide the world with blats about cars and car trends that would normally be left out of more established reviewing institutions.

Most people think about and purchase cars based on two sources: advertisements and professional car reviews such as Consumer Reports, Motortrend, Car and Driver, etc. However, what do these sources tell us? Advertisements would have us believe that MPG and a crazy low lease deal which you will never get are all that matter.  Car reviewers drive cars around race tracks and report how fast a car will get to 60mph and how many G's the car will experience going around in a circle before the tires start to slip.  But what does this all mean? As a consumer what should we care about?  I think it really just comes down to how we feel.  All modern cars are pretty well made, so it comes down to our gut feeling about whether a car is sex on wheels or a piece of s*** that should be destroyed.

In regards to the cars I review, there is no rhyme or reason to the brand or year of any car.  It really just comes down to what strikes me on any given day (i.e. seeing the car, remembering something about one, suggestions from friends, etc.)